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Knowledge Center - Brad Garey Home Inspections

5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection On A Newly Built Home

New Homes Also Need Inspections According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), even new homes have defects that only a professional can detect. Buying a new home is an exciting experience with the [...]

Be Involved During Your Home Inspection

What You Should Know Before Your Home Inspection You will get a lot of information at the time of a home inspection and it can be difficult to absorb it all. Terminology like heat exchanger, [...]

5 Easy ways to prepare for a Home Inspection

If you’re selling your home, there's nothing more nerve-wracking than waiting for the results of the buyer's home inspection. Knowing what issues might come up during a home inspection can help alleviate that anxiety. The [...]

A Home Inspection Makes You Money: Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Home inspections are a key part of the real estate sales process. A home sale agreement often is contingent upon passing a home inspection performed by a certified home inspector. Benefits for the Buyer Regardless [...]

How Does Your Roof Rate?

One of the most important parts of a home inspection is the roof. Most homebuyers and sellers are focused on the age and condition of the roofing material and for good reason; repair or replacement [...]

Top 10 Issues Found During Home Inspections

Getting a thorough professional home inspection before buying a house is a must. Here are the 10 top problems found by home inspectors that can turn your dream house into a nightmare: Grading and drainage [...]